• Mr. Mamduh Al Ruwaili, SMP MD, honors Dr. Zain Al Abedeein; Director, AlJouf Region TVTC at the Al Jouf Expo Feb, 2016
  • SMP Visit to TVTC regarding enhancement of dual collaboration venues.
  • SMP Guest Speaker’ Speech by Eng. Nabil AL-Fraih, BOT Chairman to SMP trainees entitled “ Future..in Your Hands” Feb 24, 2016 at Arar.
  • Trainee Rules and Regulations
    1. Student Code of Conduct
    Students are responsible for conducting themselves appropriately and in the best interest of the SMP. They are expected to apply themselves to their study and are required to conform to the policies, rules, and regulations of SMP.
    2. Disruptive Conduct
    Students are required to conduct themselves in a manner that does not interfere with the legitimate academic and/or business activities of SMP. In particular, disruption of scholarly activities by abusive or threatening language or gestures, or physical interference with another person or their property, may result in the immediate removal of the student from the class or activity and subsequent disciplinary action.
    3. Student Responsibilities
    SMP maintains that students have individual and group responsibility for:
    -Staying informed and respecting SMP policies and procedures, and complying with SMP’s legitimate authority;
    -Taking full advantage of the education, training, and services offered by SMP;
    - Maintaining academic integrity;
    -Ensuring work submitted for evaluation is the student’s own (any material or ideas incorporated from other sources must be clearly identified and referenced);
    - Contributing to a working and learning environment free from discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and physical or psychological abuse;
    - Respecting the property of SMP and members of the SMP community; and
    -Compliance with applicable laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    4. Student Rights
    Students at SMP can expect the following rights to be upheld:
    -All rights and freedoms recognized by the law of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia;
    -Freedom from discrimination for any reason (e.g., place of origin, race etc.);
    - Freedom from harassment, including any action or words that demean and/or deny dignity and respect;
    - Support for intellectual inquiry, learning, and growth;
    - Physical and psychological safety;
    - Academic integrity: students can expect full disclosure as to how their academic performance will be assessed;
    - Objective evaluation of that performance
    - In cases of misconduct, SMP may take disciplinary measures including warnings, restitution, restriction of privileges, probation, notation, suspension, expulsion, or legal action. When such actions arise, students have a right of appeal as described in the procedure.
    5. Harm to Persons/Damage to Property
    Students must comply with the safety measures identified by SMP. Injury, damage, or misappropriation of property, including that of SMP, or threats (written or verbal) of injury, damage, or misappropriation to another person or their property may result in disciplinary and/or legal action.
    6. Breach of KSA Laws
    Disciplinary action will be taken against students found to have violated the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia whilst on campus. In such instances, the appropriate authorities will also be informed
    7. Acceptable Use of SMP’s Computer System
    All members of the SMP community who have a need to use any of the information services provided by SMP; including students, staff, and members of the general public; are expected to use SMP computer systems and information services in a responsible manner for performing SMP training or business only.
    8. Academic Misconduct
    SMP is committed to academic integrity, which is grounded in the belief of five fundamental values honored by faculty members and students: honesty, responsibility, trust, fairness, and respect. Reasonable measures are taken to inform students of the standards of academic honesty. All members of the SMP community share the responsibility and authority to address acts of academic misconduct.
    -Academic misconduct is the commission of any action that falsely indicates the student’s level of academic achievement, including but not limited to, plagiarism and cheating.
    -Plagiarism occurs in situations where a student presents work that has been completed in part or in whole by another person; or presents the words, ideas, images, or data of another person as the student’s own work without reference to the original author or the original source. It also includes students completing work for another course or program at SMP or elsewhere without the knowledge of or prior approval of the instructor; or presents work that in any way compromises the integrity of the evaluation process.
    -Cheating occurs in situations where a student carries out or attempts to carry out the use of unauthorized materials in examinations or other evaluations, communicates with other persons during an examination or evaluation, falsifies data or documents, views other student’s work during an examination or evaluation, or commits acts that in any way compromise the integrity of the evaluation process.
    -Any student who assists another student in conducting academic dishonesty is also guilty of academic misconduct.
    -Consequences of academic misconduct will result in a ‘Fail’ grade for the test which will carry a mark of zero.
    -A student who is guilty of academic misconduct will have a ‘Letter of Offence’ placed on his permanent record. A student may only have two ‘Letters of Offence’ on his record before he is expelled from the SMP. A student who is expelled from SMP as a result of academic misconduct will have this indicated on his permanent record indefinitely.
    9. Attendance
    Attendance in all scheduled activities for every program is mandatory. Students must comply with the requirements set by their Instructors and Assessors.
    All classes must start at the stated starting times. Students are expected to be seated at their desk or ready for work at their workstation prior to the stated starting times. The instructor / Assessor will keep a register of each class, and mark down any absences. A student attempting to enter a class after the starting times will be excluded and marked as being ‘Absent’.
    A student marked as being ‘Absent’ without a valid reason shall have his absence recorded on his Performance and Behavior Record.
    Absence Warning: Trainees will be councilled whenever absence is recorded. A warning notice will be issued to the absent trainee 3 times; at 8, 16, and 24 hours of absence. However A final Termination Warning will be issued in the case of 32 absent hours recorded .
    10. Student Achievement
    A student’s final standing is determined by academic progress throughout the term and the year, taking into consideration classroom tests and examinations, laboratory work, essays, reports, and projects along with classroom participation and practical assessment. In order to graduate successfully from the SMP’s program’s a student must meet both the academic and attendance minimum criteria.
    11. Grading System
    For the English Language and Key Skills programs , students will receive a grade for all assessed work and formal examinations. Passing criteria will be established by the SMP Training Manager in conjunction with the English Language and Key Skills coordinators.
    For the Technical program, students will receive a ‘Competent’ or ‘Not yet competent’ assessment decision at the completion of each task assessment. The criteria for establishing the acceptable minimum criteria required to be deemed ‘Competent’ will be as per the Awarding Body standards and the External Verifier’s approval of the program( operators).
    12. Certification
    Upon successful completion of the program requirements by a trainee , SMP will issue the SMP Diploma endorsed by TVTC (the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation) and SMP.