• Mr. Mamduh Al Ruwaili, SMP MD, honors Dr. Zain Al Abedeein; Director, AlJouf Region TVTC at the Al Jouf Expo Feb, 2016
  • SMP Visit to TVTC regarding enhancement of dual collaboration venues.
  • SMP Guest Speaker’ Speech by Eng. Nabil AL-Fraih, BOT Chairman to SMP trainees entitled “ Future..in Your Hands” Feb 24, 2016 at Arar.
  • About Us
    As per the Council of Ministers’ Resolution no. (17) Dated on 15/01/1430 which states the TVTC shall handle non-profit institutes, this Institute was established for non-profit purposes and it has its own legal entity and financial independency with the aim of qualifying and training Saudi national workforce for mining jobs. This will carry over the strategic partnership between the Company and the Corporation in this regard.